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In November of 2009, I had one of those nights where my body was exhausted, but my mind just would not stop. As I lay in bed begging the Lord to let me go to sleep, I was fixated on one thought. Buy the domain name bumponablog.com. You have to understand, at that point, the thought of creating a Christian blog had never even been on my radar. In truth, the idea of writing a Christian article to post on a Christian blog was really of no interest to me. In fact, to this day I’ve only visited an actual blog maybe once or twice, and that was really more by mistake than intention. My picture of a Christian blog, or any blog for that matter, was of people talking about themselves, or what they ate for breakfast, or how much they like that guy on American Idol. That’s really not the kind of thing I want to read… let alone write. Blogging, in the traditional sense, is still a bit self indulgent for my taste. Though I think there is always going to be a little “look at me” in all of us, I believe that if we’re going to ask people to read what we’ve written, it should contain at least some content of genuine substance and not just the overflow of our unbridled thoughts or feelings.

That being said, I’ve tried to throw some of our history out there on the “bumpy ride” page. Everyone has made their own journey to get where they are now, and we all have a story that is worth telling. The Lord cares about what we’ve gone through for the simple reason that he has ordained our steps from day one. Hopefully the lessons we’ve learned can help others avoid some of the mistakes we’ve made. If you choose to read a Christian article on this site, I pray that you will find that this is the perspective from which I tend to write. Most of what I’ve learned I’ve had to learn the hard way. My little wife and I have been serving as pastors and leaders in the local church since 1984. In that time, we’ve had seasons of great favor and blessing from the Lord. We’ve also endured the pain of many broken relationships, church splits, and political betrayals. My hope is that somehow, through it all, I’ve earned the right to comment on the Christian experience and that those comments would ultimately bring life, hope, and encouragement to those who are, like us, pressing ahead toward that which we have been called.

I believe that both the Christian blog and the Christian article should always reflect the character and person of Jesus. My desire is to shed light on the truth of Christ and to promote the belief that God, in his very nature, is good and completely worthy of our praise. As a believer, I want to be ever vigilant in my efforts not to spew any of my own doubt, fear, or bitterness onto others. This is especially true in the creation of this Christian blog or when aspiring to pen a Christian article. The Lord loves his church. He is crazy about his pastors and leaders, even in the midst of their human frailty and sinfulness. Therefore I hope to convey the utmost esteem for the local church and its leaders and to treat them both with the respect that is rightfully theirs. In short, I’m new to the world of the Christian blog so please be gracious enough to share your thoughts and comments with me when you have a chance.


17 Responses to “A Christian Blog and a Christian Article Source”

  1. Cletus says:

    (Referring to Easter White Pants photo on “Bumpy Ride” page) Well, Bump, my question is WHO DRESSED US? You look mad in the picture, and I am guessing that you were really jealous that you could not wear the blue striped pants! Not to worry bro, they will be handed down to you in good time. And oh btw, the creek behind our house DID rise, so that is why we wore our pants so short!

    Time tends to heal all wounds,


  2. Bump Lumpkin says:

    You’re the man. Thanks for finding the humor in it. Sure do miss ya’ll.

  3. Kim says:

    Looking at that expression in the picture ; some things have not changed over the years. We look forward to walking on this journey with you & your family. You have so much wisdom to share.

    Miss you all,

  4. TD says:

    While not quite as entertaining as Pawn Stars, I did enjoy your musings. You and I share a warped sense of humor so I’m looling to what the Lord is going to say through you. We also share many life experiences and bumpy church rides. Write on!

  5. Bump Lumpkin says:

    Thanks TD. I really appreciate your friendship. Let’s do a hang soon.

  6. Bump Lumpkin says:

    Thanks sis. Give the old fart a big kiss from me.

  7. Ryan Singleton the Lesser says:

    I’m thinking you should find that outfit in your present size and wear it on special occasions. I look forward to anything you have to say bro, I haven’t had a good dose of Holy Spirit miracle grow for a long, long time. Perhaps you will help me find some traction in this quagmire of my life. No pressure though – ( : ) My chess board was destroyed again, too bad because I was getting ready to kick your butt.

  8. Bump Lumpkin says:

    I know right. I’ll be on the look out for a vintage pair of high water white slacks in size xxxmondogrande. As per chess, get your game back on or zip it good.

  9. Mark Beeson says:

    Hey Bump – I was in church that Easter morning. For years I’ve had a haunting dread of wearing red socks. Until now I didn’t understand why. Thanks for the great photo. Now that I know the source of my apprehensions, I’ll sleep better.

  10. Bump Lumpkin says:

    Hey R good to hear from you. And yes, the socks really provided a stunning splash of contrast to the pants didn’t they. Thanks for checking out the blog. We’re still unsure as to what exactly we’re trying to accomplish with it, but it’s been fun so far. FYI, I moved my tree stand another 150 yards deeper into the woods a couple weeks ago. I’ll be hunting with a buddy in the morning for Mr. Tom Turkey and associates. I often reminisce about my earliest hunting jaunts with you and Matt. My most vivid memory is of you putting your boot on the head of a freshly slain rabbit and then pulling on the back legs until it snapped off. I had no idea bunnies could stretch like that. Thanks for the memories. Sure do miss hanging out with you.

  11. Shane says:


    Glad to hear you’re blogging. I’ll look forward to reading your stuff.


  12. Bump Lumpkin says:

    Shanerbob, how’s it going man? Oddly enough, after all this time, Curt found me last week and we reconnected a bit. He’s got a great photo of the old Farmland crew doing the school play on his face book. The only thing I remember about the play was you, Todd, and maybe Joel bursting through the doors and windows of the set in white lab coats for the curtain call. Anyway, glad you’re still kickin. When you’ve got a minute shoot me an e-mail update. Still love you buddy.

  13. Joel Bennett says:

    Hi, guy! Are you still in… I’m going to be there a lot this month with NASCAR. Let’s hook up!

  14. Bump Lumpkin says:

    Bring it on Mr. Speed.

  15. Teresa Carey says:

    I like the way you write, you write with Grace, which shows that He is with you.
    Love Peace Truth Light
    Teresa Carey

  16. Bump Lumpkin says:

    Thanks Teresa. And thank you Lord for your never ending grace! Blessings, Bump.

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