You don’t have to follow the Lord for very long before you realize that he may sometimes lead you into places you really don’t want to go.  In truth, most of our spiritual growth is the result of trial and error and is discovered in the context of difficulty.  All parents will eventually figure out that in order for a child to mature, they must learn to endure and overcome tough situations.  For example, you would not even be able to understand the content of this article had someone not required you to stick with the process we all go through in order to learn how to read.  Put simply, all things of value come at a price and often after having to push forward when the going got rough.  This is especially true in the realm of the spirit.

I remember when I was learning how to drive, my Dad would sometimes offer words of advice as he was riding along beside me in the front passenger seat.  At one point, we found ourselves on the interstate in the middle of a violent thunderstorm.  The rain was coming down so fast that you could barely see past the hood of the car and the water level on the road was rising rapidly.  I noticed that several people had stopped on the side of the road and turned their emergency blinkers on.  Being a new driver, and already being a little unsure of my ability to navigate in these kind of conditions, I decided that pulling off the road and waiting for the storm to pass was probably our best option.  Just as I was about to slow down and veer onto the shoulder, sensing my uneasiness, my Dad very calmly suggested “you know ten miles and ten minutes can make a world of difference in the weather.”  At that point I knew the decision was up to me and the adrenaline really began to flow.  Do I play it safe and follow the lead of the curb huggers?  Or do I press on wide eyed and white knuckled and hope for the best?  In retrospect, I’m so glad I just kept rolling, because sure enough, in no time we drove right out of the storm and into the sunshine with miles and miles of dry pavement in front of us.  You see, my Dad was a traveling salesman when I was a kid, and I knew he had pounded out hundreds of thousands of miles across the highways and byways of the mid-west.  So that little nugget of driving wisdom carried a lot of weight with me.

So it is with the spiritual journey of the Christian.  Time and time again we will find ourselves faced with that proverbial choice when dealing with a difficult situation.  Do we keep moving forward, or do we pull off the road in a panic?   I submit to you today that if we feel like we’re not making much progress in any area of our life or faith, it may be because we’ve simply ceased our forward momentum and declared that we’re in a state of emergency.  In truth, I am appalled by how much time I have wasted as a believer wallowing in my own passivity and indecision.  So many well meaning Christians seem to be paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision, or mishearing the Lord.  What if I go the wrong way?  What if that wasn’t really the Lord?  Should I take this opportunity or wait for another?  What if my motives are impure?  What if, what if, what if … and the list perpetually goes on.  Meanwhile, because of our limited vision and the fear of what may lie ahead, we sit there on the roadside letting the storm beat the tar out of us.

When we shrink back in fear thinking we might somehow miss the Lord, we are severely underestimating how BIG he really is.  Trust me, he knows we’re going to make some dumb choices along the way, and his plan for us contains plenty of latitude for that kind of thing.  In fact it is arrogant to think that we’re always going to do the right thing or make the right choice. God doesn’t get mad at us when we’re trying to go the right direction but get off at the wrong exit.  Those off ramps turn into on ramps just as quickly.  The goal is to keep going, keep driving, keep rolling.  In fact, we may actually hydroplane at certain points along the way.  Learn to have fun with it!  Sometimes a little dangerous out of control driving lets you know you’re still alive.  Besides, we can take comfort in knowing that Dad is right there with us and he’s not worried in the least.  As our revelation of the loving sovereignty of our Heavenly Father deepens, we will find that if we just trust his leading and keep moving forward, the weather will surely change and we’ll end up where we’re supposed to be.  In short, don’t be a fraidy chicken, you’re covered.

Isa 43:1-2  “Fear not… when you pass through the waters I will be with you.”

2 Responses to “10 Miles and 10 Minutes”

  1. TimF says:

    Good one!!!! Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Bump Lumpkin says:

    Get ready for the FREE RIDE… it’s comin soon.

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