A Bumpy Ride

Birthplace of Bump.

A young Bump with sibs sporting Mom’s favorite outfit… forest green lederhosen. (L)

Bump and brother Cletus form 1960s rock fusion duo. (R)

Bump and Cletus head for church on Easter morning with Mom – 1960s.  Bump appears a bit uneasy about his new white pants.

The church window Bump used to stare at to keep from falling asleep during long-winded sermons.  Also known to pass the time by watching the cars on the hands of his Hotwheels watch race each other.

(Below) Unbeknownst to the Lumpkins, Bump exercises his right to freedom of expression.

Bamps and Bump somewhere in the 70s.

Bump (in scuba fins) runs with bad company… destroys innumerable brain cells. Late 70s early 80s.  (Below L)

15 Minutes of rock stardom. (Below)

And baby makes three… with one showing.                   Three little Lumpkins.

Bump serves as local church Pastor since 1984.

Grace and Schmegly… the Lumpkin family bulldogs.

Just a few cards short of a full deck.

6 Responses to “A Bumpy Ride”

  1. debimcn says:

    Bump you have given me countless hours of laughter (since last night) Cletus, however didn’t see all the humor we did. Thank you for sharing photos, loved the comments. LU

  2. Bump Lumpkin says:

    Thanks Deb. Glad you enjoyed it. Cletus makes for a great co-star doesn’t he?

  3. newmcn says:

    uncle bumpy,
    Cletus told me all about your blog over the weekend and I had to come check it out… hilarious! I especially like the family pic 4th from the top and the fusion rock duo hahahaha hope everyone is well!

  4. Bump Lumpkin says:

    What’s up Mr. Boilermaker Grad? Good to hear from you. And yes, I’ve gotten many comments about Cletus. What a dork right? We may be heading to the Hoosier state sometime in the next few weeks. We’d love to see you if you’re anywhere in the Indy/ Columbus area. Let us know.

  5. Tim says:

    I’ve been trying to hunt you down for a long time. We should see each other at least one more time before we die. Get on facebook. I’m still in fort wayne. Livin the dream. Kids wife jesus…. What’s the last 20 years been like for you?

  6. Bump Lumpkin says:


    Unbelievable… so great to hear from you. Enjoying my anonymity a little too much for facebook. I’ll contact you via e-mail soon. Blessings!

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