Christian blogs and Christian articles are rapidly becoming the preferred source of spiritual sustenance for many modern believers.  With the advent of the internet, our information gathering habits have changed dramatically.  The dependency we once had on our local family bookstore has diminished as we have learned to surf the waves of the web for various forms of heart and mind nourishment.  Rather than buying a hard cover book for twenty five bucks that we only read once and then end up using as a shelf decoration, we now can visit any number of Christian blogs and find quality Christian articles with the tap of a touch pad.

Although many of us still find some kind of visceral pleasure in feeling the texture of the paper as we turn the page, I’m not convinced that this kind of biblio-nostalgia will have a significant impact on the rate at which we are converting to the splendors of the e-universe.  I for one am seriously considering getting rid of at least some of the hundreds of books we’ve acquired over the years.  My friends all cringe when they find out we’re moving again.  They know the pain of schlepping Uncle Bumpy’s countless book boxes from point A to point B.  My seminary texts alone are cause for a hernia blow out.  Like me, you may be an old dog that often has trouble learning new technology, not to worry.  If I can figure out how to create a word press post, you can learn to track down your favorite speaker or author’s private cache of Christian blogs and Christian articles.

However, we must never forget that we were created to function as a vital part of a much larger organism.  The internet is not a viable substitute for genuine, face to face, relationship.  Though many churches still closely adhere to the “talking head standing in front of a room full of heads” paradigm, there is a notable resurgence of relationship oriented gatherings.  Many believers have wearied of the spectator mentality and have opted for the deeper level of personal interaction provided by more intimate venues.  House churches and ministries with the core value of community building are making a come back.  Personal manna gleaning is one thing, being “rightly joined and fitted together” (Eph 4:16) is another.

Now is the time to master the many nuances of Google.  The research tools available and the opportunities to disseminate Christian truth are truly astounding in their scope.  A few months ago I had no clue what link building, keywords, or SEO had to do with anything.   But with the help and patience of my techno-geek friends, bump on a blog was born.  For the time being, Christian articles have become my primary means of seed sowing.  My hope and prayer is that those with a heart to write Christian blogs and Christian articles would be encouraged to give it a try.  The movie Julie and Julia was inspirational to me.  Julie was a blogger, Julia Childs wrote the quintessential cookbook for the 1950s housewife.  They lived in two very different worlds, very different times, and used their own unique means of communicating the same content.  Great movie if you’re thinking about blogging.  Lord bless our Christian blogs.

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